#BuildingBridges by Xartec Salut

Building bridges
for HealthTech innovation

An exclusive event to discuss the challenges of the ecosystem and a chance to get to know Xartec Salut offering.

We’re HealthTech

We are HealthTech, building bridges towards a better ecosystem. Fostering entrepreneurship, tech transfer and spin-off creation, sharing insights with key opinion leaders. We follow a patient-centric approach, always on the search for well-being. We generate the most innovative technologies, attracting and keeping the best talent. We create community.

The network

Xartec Salut, led by CREB-UPC, aims to be a catalyst for R+D+I in the field of HealthTech in Catalonia, fostering the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer between research groups, institutions, hospitals and companies.


These are the projects selected from our first Venture Builder call. The objective of Xartec Salut 2021 Venture Builder Program is to support and accelerate the technology transfer of health technologies through Spin-offs born within the network. It aims to be a catalizer for accelerating the creation of new companies in the health tech sector, enhancing their long-term survival and maximizing their impact in the market, by providing specific resources and support.


A unique RNA test in the world. Exheus has introduced to the market an innovative technology that analyses gene expression and its alterations using artificial intelligence. Its aim is to improve the performance, health, and nutrition.

Health Circuit

The Health Circuit app facilitates connectivity between chronic patients and doctors for better follow-up care.


Xatkit is a low-code/no-code chatbot platform for developing all kinds of digital assistants. You can create your own or let them help you build a custom-made bot able to work with any service needed.

Virtual Perfusionist

A 3D serious games web platform for immersive training of extracorporeal circulation techniques.


Experts in auditing, rating & tracing of Artificial Intelligence solutions. Following their 7 step application framework, their aim is to build trustworthy AI. They first validate data and models that governate each company’s AI solutions through the lenses of accepted international guidelines. Their comprehensible ratings will then help organizations to improve their decision-making in AI and provide traceability and transparency to their clients.


A surgical training system for fetal surgery based on augmented reality and video game technologies.

Women Up

A digital therapeutics solution for self-management of female urinary incontinence at home with therapist supervision. The patented and certified solution is clinically validated with a multi-centric European clinical trial of 263 patients, that ensures pelvic floor training efficacy and adherence, while reducing time and costs for the health system.

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This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.