10 projects from Xartec Salut advised by GENESIS Biomed as part of the Venture Builder programme

Xartec Salut has worked with the consultancy firm specialised in biomedical healthcare GENESIS Biomed within the framework of the creation of new spin-off companies. The collaboration consisted of the development of the business plan and the financial plan of the projects selected by Xartec Salut, involving a total of 10 future spin-offs.

Within the framework of the Venture Builder Programme, a mechanism promoted by Xartec Salut to accelerate the creation of spin-off companies, GENESIS Biomed has collaborated during the years 2021 and 2022 in the preparation of the business plans of 10 projects from the Xartec Salut network with the greatest potential for the creation of a spin-off.

Through this work, GENESIS Biomed has carried out, for each project, a preliminary study of its degree of maturity and the key points to be taken into account in the preparation of the respective business plans. They have worked on aspects such as market analysis and positioning with respect to the main competitors, deals (licenses, M&A and investment rounds) most comparable to each project, the analysis of the IP strategy, the regulatory development plan, the business model and commercial plan, the human resources strategy and finally, the financial plan.

In the words of Josep Lluís Falcó, CEO of GENESIS Biomed “through this collaboration with Xartec Salut, GENESIS Biomed reinforces its commitment to research groups with an entrepreneurial spirit, acting as a facilitator for the development of the business plan, constitution and raising seed capital necessary to start the life cycle of each spin-off”.

“Xartec Salut has selected 12 innovations from the network with a high social and economic impact. Through the Venture Builder programme, we have generated tools to validate the projects and accelerate the creation of the spin-off. The founding team has been provided with business training and specialised consultancy in: business (GENESIS Biomed), legal, regulatory, intellectual property, market access, as well as individualised strategic mentoring,” says Berta Borràs, head of promotion and management of the network.

This project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).