Boosting technological innovation

Xartec Salut has shared the results of its Call for projects, a program that aims to identify technologies with the greatest impact and support researchers and institutions to bring them closer to the market. They will receive funding and/or advice on essential aspects of the innovation process such as legal advice, intellectual property, conference and event assistance, regulatory or business. 

The beneficiaries of this program have been the research group BBT (CREB UPC) with BIOMATDB, BIOCOM-SCE (UPC) with BrainFocus, BIOART (CREB UPC) with MV-Optimizer, IONHE (CREB UPC) with, GIE (CREB UPC) with Virtual Perfusionist and GABRMN (UAB) with INSPIRE-MED. Recur Detect from MIL@b (URV), Surgical Meshes (IMEM-BRT, UPC), Lince SaaS (GRID, UB), TransCOR (BCN MedTech, UPF), EsticAmbTu (PSiNET, UOC) and Ocular Objective (GREO UPC) are other initiatives that will be recipients for this call. 

Some other members of Xartec Salut will also receive special funding on conferences and event assistance. This is the case of the research group GABRMN (UAB), BIOMEC (CREB UPC) and BIOART (CREB UPC). 

You can check the results of the Call for projects in the following link. 


This project is co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER, Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional).