Four projects receive IP support to boost their technologies

Xartec Salut has shared the results of the second cut-off of its Open Call for Intellectual Property Studies. A program that aims to fund strategic studies related to intellectual property and to protect the technologies developed by the research groups within the network. 

The beneficiaries of this cut-off have been the research group BIOMEC (CREB UPC) with its exoskeleton system to assist walking for Spinal Cord Injured (SCI) Individuals; eHealth R&D Unit who has created Ephion Health, a platform to develop and deploy digital clinical measures for patient mobility; CEPHIS – Centre for Prototyping and Hardware-Software Solutions (UAB) promoting Cyberlung, a guide to cybernetic bronchoscopy for lung cancer biopsy and research group B2S Lab (CREB UPC) introducing Aperiodic Tiling-Based Antennas for Biomedical Devices.

IP protection has a pivotal role in the technology transfer and commercialization of health technologies. Establishing an adequate IP strategy in early stage assets is one of the key aspects of valorization and it is necessary to increase the value of the asset and contribute to the whole technology transfer process. 

This project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).