TECNIO Summer Meeting 22: Wishing all the ecosystem a Happy Summer

Xartec Salut team joined part of the HealthTech ecosystem at the TECNIO Summer Meeting that took place on Wednesday 20th July at Pier01. A great opportunity to reconnect with innovation professionals from academia, industry and public service in a friendly act with more than one hundred attendees.

A chance to keep building bridges for HealthTech innovation, pushing tech transfer as one of the main vectors of our contry alongside all the members of the TECNIO Association, and accompanied by its CEO, Manuel Palacin, its president, Nora Ventosa as well as Xavier Aldeguer, General Director of Knowledge Transfer of Catalan Government, Lluís Juncà, Director General for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Albert Castellanos, Secretary of Business and Competitiveness in the Generalitat de Catalunya.

“For CREB, being part of TECNIO is another way to stay connected and show excellence in research as well as the ability to offer solutions to companies, hospitals and other institutions”, explains Antonio Galicia, from CREB UPC and Xartec Salut.



The “Association of Technology Developers with TECNIO accreditation”, or “Associació TECNIO”, is a non-profit association formed by, to the extent that they so decide voluntarily, Catalan universities, the research groups from Consejo Superior de Investigaciones de Científicas (CSIC) and the Fundació Institució de Centres d’Investigació de Catalunya (Fundació I-CERCA), as long as they have research groups or centers that hold TECNIO accreditation. The mission of the Association is to promote and connect research groups and centers with TECNIO accreditation and the entities that host them with the industry and the administration, to strengthen and make technology transfer visible towards society.


This project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).