Laura Sesma (ZABALA Innovation Consulting): “It is essential to take all the stakeholders into account to ensure the success of your project”

Barcelona, 4th March 2022

The largest network of innovation research groups in Catalonia led by CREB UPC is organizing a series of formations for all the members of its community that will take place every Thursday morning throughout the year. These trainings are classified into three basic blocks, namely, a block on valorization, a block on technology transfer and a block on soft skills. 

Xartec Salut’s second formative session was led by Laura Sesma, Health Knowledge Area Leader en ZABALA Innovation Consulting en Zabala. The expert provided an overview on the main Opportunities, Challenges and Tips for Funding Innovation in the Health Sector“.

The specialist introduced the different Health related projects for the next years: EU4Health (Highest budget for this type of programme: 5.3 billion for the next 7 years),  Mission Cancer (3 topics open until April 26th, 126 M€), partnership, IHI (Open calls. All types of entities eligible to participate), Horizon Europe (including 6 different areas/destinations), Interreg and NGEU (Of the 750,000 MEUR of this fund, 390,000 MEUR will be transferred to the states and 360,000 MEUR will be loans through its seven programmes). 

Sesma insisted on the same strategy to follow in each case: the importance of long-term planning when innovating in Health. Being very clear about your main objectives, what you are doing (clinical research, improved health), which resources does your team have and your position in Europe and the world. She also reiterated the importance of partnering in several networks, as the first step towards future partnerships at national and European level. Plan and read. Read again. But also ask yourself these questions: Do I really fit in? Who do I need? What do I need? What can I do with the budget I have indicated in 4-5 years? Which type of results am I looking for? Commercial / non-commercial exploitation? What has already been done and how do I differ? Involve all your stakeholders as partners and be clear. Identify your target audience and define how to reach them and protect your results with the best IP strategy. And remember: planning is the key to success.


This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.