Research Groups

Group name: Functional Printing & Embedded devices

Principal investigator Paul Lacharmoise

Research lines: the Functional Printing & Embedded devices technology unit at Eurecat has more than ten years of experience in printed electronics and conventional electronics. Together with the centre’s other capabilities, this allows Eurecat to deliver solutions to complex and specific challenges in a wide range of sectors including medicine, wellness and health, sport, packaging and mobility.more than the main capabilities of this technological unit at Eurecat are mainly on:

  1. Functional printing
  2. In-Mould Electronics (IME)
  3. Printed sensors and actuators
  4. Smart Electronic Devices



Group name: Functional Textiles Unit

Principal investigator: Virginia Garcia

Research linesThe Functional Textiles Department at Eurecat is dedicated to research into and the development of new textile structures and functional clothing that provide more efficient solutions in terms of both cost and functional and structural properties, thus overcoming the limitations inherent to traditional technologies, which tend to be inflexible and costly. The fields of knowledge include: 

  1. E-textiles design and prototyping (biosensors, posture and movement monitoring and heating, lighting systems, sound actuators).
  2. Multifunctional fabrics design and industrialisation (textile structures, smart textiles with stimuli-responsive biopolymers, functional materials in complex fabric structures). 
  3. Composite Materials and structures(reinforced textiles to optimise structures and processes, material hybridisation to optimise performance, and design of textile solutions to optimise composite structure manufacturing procedures).



Group name: Digital Health Unit

Principal investigator: Felip Miralles

Research lines: The Digital Health Unit specialises in ICT research and innovation to assist patients, professionals and healthcare providers through integrated care, data analytics and biomechanics, thus building and deploying innovative products and services for a personalised, preventive, predictive and participative healthcare.

The group explores new technologies to create new services and better products, which contribute added value to end users. The group has solid expertise on: technologies for rehabilitation support and remote therapy; interoperability of medical applications and electronic health records; evidence based medical decision support systems; medical oriented social networks; accessible and assistive technologies for the elderly and the disabled; ontologies for representing medical knowledge; biomechanics analysis of gait and gesture; and technologies for supporting nutritional research. 

Spin-offs: Ephion Health


This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.