Research Groups

Group name: Guttmann – University Institute of Neurorehabilitation

Principal investigator: Eloy Opisso Salleras

Research lines: The scientific activity of Institut Guttmann is divided into 6 strategic research programmes: 1) Technologies for sensory-motor rehabilitation and support products, 2) Neuroreparation and advanced therapies, 3) Neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation (GNPT), 4) Brain Health (Barcelona Brain Health Initiative), 5) Neuroestimulation and Neuromodulation, 6) Social research – QVIDLAB, and it aims to: 

  • Promote the development and incorporation of new knowledge from the field of neuroscience, bioengineering and medical technology.
  • Integrate the advances made in clinical and translational research to promote better care alternatives.
  • Promote the establishment of alliances, agreements or cooperation agreements with similar institutions and entities.



This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.