Research Groups

Group name: Integrated Care Services (InCaSyM).

Principal investigator: Josep Roca Torrent.

Research lines: The ambition of InCaSyM is to advance the co-design, development, implementation and evaluation of a new model of integrated care for the adaptive management of chronic complex patients.
The new model will facilitate interactions between health professionals and citizens. 

Digital Health tools, embedded in cost-effective integrated care services, providing intelligent support for early diagnosis, risk assessment and stratification, patient monitoring and self-management, decision sharing along patient journey, and ultimately prevention and quality of life improvement.

Spin-offs: Health Circuit


Group name: Research Group on Neuroanesthesia, the Neurocritical Patient and the Risk of Perioperative Cerebral Ischemia. ANIMEDES

Principal investigator: Ricard Valero

Research lines: The group is developing its scientific activity in the clinical field of biomedical research, seeking the immediate applicability in the improvement of patients undergoing complex interventions, fundamentally in neurosurgery, while reducing the number of complications during the perioperative period, and in particular of cerebral ischemic events. Includes research in neuroanesthesia and perioperative neurophysiology, intraoperative monitoring, brain electrophysiology, synchronous effect of anesthetics on functional MRI, loss of consciousness using EEG and neuroimage, postoperative cognitive dysfunction and delirium and modeling and control of drug effects in anesthesia and perioperative medicine. We are also developing teaching research by means of hybrid simulators, serious videogame (extracorporeal perfusion), and software development of MOSAICO teaching methodology

Spin-offs: Predictheon S.L.


This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.