Research Groups

Group name: Smart IT Engineering and Services (SITES)

Principal investigator: Josep Vehí

Research lines: The SITES group is made up of a team of people with a solid theoretical base in: Control Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Broadband Communications, Biomedical Engineering and Power Distribution Systems, and with the capacity and experience of having led and participated in a large number of competitive research projects, both at European and national level.

Within the Smart Health area (smart health, medical devices, mobile health and medical technologies), the main objective is to become a leading research group, both at the research level and at the transfer level, incorporating smart systems and biomedical engineering in health management and development of innovative medical technologies.

Applying ICT to health-care  is one of the most relevant challenges of the group. That is why part of the research focuses on:

  • Safe healthcare
  • M-health development
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Artificial pancreas



Group name:Graphics & Imaging Laboratory (GILAB)

Principal investigator: Imma Boada

Research lines: The Graphics & Imaging laboratory (GIlab) is a research group of the University of Girona and all researchers of the GIlab are from the Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department at the same university. GIlab was established in 2007 but computer graphics research started at the University of Girona back in 1992 with the study of the application of integral geometry and Monte Carlo techniques to image synthesis and the study of scientific visualization techniques. Basic tools have been enlarged to include powerful information theory concepts and techniques.

Currently, GIlab’s research lines are

  • Image and video processing
  • Learning environments
  • videogames
  • scientific visualization
  • apatial and spatio-temporal data processing

Spin-offs: eSense Systems.


This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.