Xartec Salut, a catalyst for R+D+I in the HealthTech industry

The network Xartec Salut, led by CREB-UPC, is made up of 47 research groups from Catalonia that belong to 17 different institutions. It aims to be a catalyst for R+D+I in the field of HealthTech in Catalonia, fostering the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer between research groups, institutions, hospitals and companies, promoting the creation and growth of new innovative companies and offering more efficient instruments for technology transfer with a greater economic and social impact.

It focuses on reducing the gap between research and impact on the market, generating tools that facilitate the arrival of technologies that address the needs of the health world. The intention is to move forward by providing more efficient answers in terms of demand, responding to the speed of the market and adjusted to the real needs of the patients.

The project

Xartec Salut aims to create several programmes for the valorization and tech transfer of the HealthTech field. Our programmes include different stages of the innovation process: idea generation, co-creation, support in the valorisation process and supporting technology transfer. The initiative involves a wide variety of technologies: robotics, blockchain, AI, IoT and wearables, Big Data and analytics, AR/VR and 3D printing, amongst others.

The objectives derived from the mission are as follows; to promote and support valorization and technology transfer; to enhance cooperation, internationalization and networking; to identify existing technologies, represent and provide visibility; to promote entrepreneurship and Spin-Off creation, to attract talent and develop skills and to develop a technological observatory in the HealthTech field.

The XTS team

The team makes everything easier.

Manel González-Piñero
Head of innovation at CREB UPC
Sergio San Agustín
Manager at Xartec Salut
Berta Borràs
Manager at Xartec SalutPromotion and Management at Xartec Salut
Anna Turón
Communications Manager
Sergio González
Internationalization and Valorization
Alexandre Perera
CREB UPC director

Our groups

One of the key priorities of Xartec Salut is enabling and strengthening the synergies between all the groups. We represent them and we maximise possible alliance both internally and externally.

Our network is formed by 47 research groups from Catalonia that belong to 17 different institutions.

This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and has the support of the Secretariat of Universities and Research, Ministry of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia.