Xartec Salut puts the focus on health management

The leading Catalan Healthtech network took part in the 16th Conference on Healthcare Management and Evaluation organised by the Signo Foundation. The meeting, held in Granada, revolved around the theme “People and technology: drivers of change” and was attended by a wide range of actors from the healthcare ecosystem

How can I improve healthcare management times and decision-making? How can I raise the profile of my hospital? More than a hundred healthcare professionals (Hospital de Bellvitge, Sant Joan de Déu, MD Anderson Cancer Center Madrid, etc.) have taken part in one of the most important healthcare management conferences in our country. An opportunity to put on the table the main challenges of the community, always focusing on the patient. 

For its part, Xartec Salut has been able to share its model with all professionals. “At Xartec Salut we have created a community of research groups connecting different entities and promoting cross-innovation. This structure has allowed us to reduce the gap between patients and research through the validation of technology,” said Cristina Páez, Business Development at the network. Páez also explained the network’s management model to the speakers and highlighted the importance of collaboration between the different agents in the sector. 

Xartec Salut is the first network that considers the health sector in Catalonia as a whole, generating and sharing knowledge and designing a framework to systematically detect, evaluate and promote the technologies with the greatest potential through collaborative consortia (from health institutions, academic research and technology centres) that could have an impact on society and the market in the coming years.

Both the organisation and the speakers wanted to express the importance of rowing together towards a positive change that generates social commitment, a global commitment to the planet and that turns the sector into an economic engine through the increase in alliances between the public and private sectors.

In turn, the Signo Foundation has announced the 20th edition of the Professor Barea Awards 2022, a series of awards which are a benchmark in the world of healthcare and which recognise unpublished projects or innovative experiences, completed or in an advanced stage of development, which represent a substantial improvement in health management and evaluation. In this edition, up to 70 works have been presented in its different modalities and we will have to wait until the last quarter of the year to know the winners. Good luck to all! 

This project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).